About us

The TWO BEARS graphic + craftsmanship brand began with the experimental union of artist Mikhail Kotov and artisan Vitaly Shkrigunov.

The search for a balance between graphic concepts and the end result was initially expressed not only in the creation of bright clothes, but also in the open confrontation of the two masters. That is why rival bears appeared on the brand’s logo in 2012. Their struggle reflects the confrontation of art and craft in the creation of TWO BEARS clothing and accessories.

For a couple of years, the unique partnership between the artist and the craftsman has filled the TWO BEARS brand with recognizable traits and character. Released clothing collections were featured in magazines, news releases, and gained popularity on social media.

TWO BEARS graphic + craftsmanship is clothing and accessories inspired by a bold bear subculture, street art and the life of big cities.

Our mission is to create high-quality and affordable products for people who are proud of their uniqueness and are ready to emphasize it with the help of clothes. We do not strive to be fanciful and fashionable, we create convenient and comfortable clothes for everyday life. We participate in the life of the bear community and embody its ideas in design.

All TWO BEARS products are designed, manufactured and printed in the South of Russia. Each collection is made in a small series – this allows you to track each stage of production and carefully approach the details.

Active support and development of the brand is currently engaged in Vitaly Shkrigunov. Since 2015, Mikhail Kotov has concentrated his efforts on projects in the field of digital and advertising design.